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We add value to all properties

Alpha Lease adds value to all properties by increasing cash flow and reducing expenses through our Value-Add Solutions

Discover the value we can create for your property.
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Tenancy on Demand

We are paid by owners to lease and use vacant space as a long term tenant.

Apartment Building

CPR Lease

Net leasing and usage of common areas, parking, and rooftops to create additional value from "overlooked" space

Graffiti on Road

Expense Reduction

We assess and complete expense reduction measures with a focus on energy efficiency (lighting, HVAC, facilities management).

The Alpha Lease team embodies hundreds of years of real estate, structured finance, facilities management, property management, construction, event planning, technology, alternative investments, and marketing.

The innovative solutions we offer stem from the specific and unique expertise of our team. Our corporate culture breeds innovation, questioning the norm, and seeking value ("alpha") in the overlooked.

City Sky


  • Increase NOI with our tenancy

  • Lease overlooked space for additional NOI and value

  • Our leases can commence upon closing a sale or refinance

  • Use our tenancy solution to stabilize vacant properties purchased from auction

  • Increase NOI. lease term, and value with our master lease

  • Profit from non-correlated industries through our CPR Lease

  • Reduce expenses through our solar and LED upgrade programs


  • Our leases can be structured as full service, modified gross, triple net, or even absolute net

  • Primary term from 3 to 30 years

  • Annual escalations/step-ups

  • NO tenant improvement allowance

  • We will participate in repurposing

  • We lease all property types

  • We lease parking

  • We lease common areas

  • We lease rooftops

  • We lease air rights

  • We lease mineral rights


  • Tenancy-on-Demand 

  • Long term leases in all sectors, including multi-family and storage

  • Leases have optional financial guarantee insurance covering the lease (AM Best A+ rating)  

  • Increase NOI by valuing the overlooked space

  • Convert property to NNN with our master lease

  • Convert overlooked space into micro data center / crypto mining

  • Enhance property listing with our Value-Add Solutions

"...As You Wish"
A sample of what we do:


Alpha Lease

Alpha Lease Management LLC

201 American Concourse Suite L32

Fort Worth, Texas 76106

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